The News is Porn

Gratuitous ... like the news

Pornography can be a very touchy area (no pun intended). Many people have quite strong opinions and beliefs about nudity and sexuality, so it’s understandable why they might react strongly to it. Having said that, there is a form of pornography that is far more widely accepted, and, arguably, way more damaging. Chances are you’re … [Read More]

Are You Sending Your ‘Thoughts and Feelings’ to Japan…?

Thinking of Japan

This is a tough article to write, but someone needs to write it. It’s still early 2011, yet we have already seen a large number of disasters and global catastrophes occur. The latest – Japan’s earthquake, tidal wave, and subsequent nuclear meltdown (!) – being one of the worst ones ever. Just like most other … [Read More]

Stop Waiting for Other People

Are you always waiting for other people?

I recently had a chat with a friend who has filmmaking ambitions. He’s itching to create some projects. But something he said hit me. “I can’t do anything at the moment because it relies on other people being available.” It made me think how many times in the past I’ve thought that way too. Perhaps … [Read More]

He Who Fails to Plan, Plans to Fail … or Does He?

Planning to fail

After making some big changes in my life these past few months, I’m finally starting to spend more time working on my own personal projects. It’s an exhilarating time. One of these current projects is a return to producing comedy shows – this time specifically for the web. Over the last few years I’ve started … [Read More]

The Key Problem With News

The key problem with news

I’ve previously written about how the news makes you stupid. To recap that article, my point was that news is given undeserved credibility in society, when it’s often nothing but a source of negativity designed to manipulate emotions and alter your perception of the world (all while providing sensationalised “evidence” to support some pretty ridiculous … [Read More]

The ‘Attention to Detail’ Fallacy

Attention to detail

How many times have we heard the phrase: “attention to detail”? If you haven’t noticed, then you obviously don’t have the attention to detail that “attention to detail” requires… Yes, my brain hurts too. But seriously, this phrase seems to be applied to everything nowadays. But is it really that important?

Are You Obsessed With Your Tool?

Are you obsessed with tools?

Recently I’ve caught myself making the same mistake I seem to make from time-to-time (and no, that’s not leaving the house without pants on…). The mistake I’m referring to is an overemphasis on the tools I’m using, rather than the content I’m creating with them. Before I know it, I’ve spent so much time mucking … [Read More]

The Art of Non-Finishing

The art of non-finishing

So often we have been taught to “finish what we start”. When we were kids, this would be as simple as finishing the meal in front of us, despite our lack of enthusiasm for any sort of vegetable. When we’re older, we expect to “finish what we start” in the area of schooling, jobs, or … [Read More]

Is Your To-Do List Killing You?

Is your to-do list killing you?

Well, another new year has started. And, as usual, many people tend to start talking about “resolutions” and “goals” again. After 2 weeks, they usually stop. I was going to write about a different type of goal-setting this time, one inspired by Seth Godin’s article about what he “shipped” in 2010. Basically, I was going … [Read More]

Do You Really Need To Go To The Next Level?

The next level

  Why do we feel that we must become serious and ambitious about an activity that we like? Why can’t we just enjoy it for what it is? Why do we always have to aim for “the next level”?