10 Years Ago … Who Were You?

Back in time

Recently, on Twitter, I noticed a lot of people discussing what their lives were like “10 years ago”. I thought that was a very interesting subject for discussion. It offers us the opportunity to reflect and gain a greater appreciation of just how far we’ve come in a decade, often without even realising. So I … [Read More]

The Antidote to a Life of Mediocrity


Something that has bothered me for many years is the fear of being (or becoming) “mediocre”. Sure, I don’t expect to be good at everything I try. But I want my life to be something remarkable, instead of something “mediocre”, like most of us are trained to be from a young age.

Are You Working on Awesome Stuff?

Working on awesome stuff

There’s a great quote I’ve read before, but I can’t quite remember where I read it: “Stop working on projects that you don’t feel awesome about.” Recently, I had a situation that perfectly suited the above.

3 Things Batman Taught Me

3 things batman taught me

“Batman?!” Ok, bear with me. I’m not crazy, I promise… I recently watched one of my favourite movies, “Batman Begins“, again. It’s odd. The first time I watched it, I didn’t actually like it. I suspect that was because it differed so much from my expectations. But after watching it a few more times over … [Read More]

Do You Want to ‘Get Into’ Something?

Get into something

Isn’t it odd how many of us, at one time or another, have said something along the lines of “I want to get into [insert occupation/field/hobby/etc]“? Perhaps some of us still do this. We might say things like “I want to get into filmmaking” or “art”, or “I want to become a musician” or “writer”. … [Read More]

Bury Your Qualification and Do Something Else

Go do something else

Many of us are “qualified” to do something, either through schooling, or just through our work history. Eventually, like an actor, we run the risk of being typecast. After all, we’re qualified to do a particular job. So therefore we must continue doing that job, right? But what if you don’t actually like what you’re … [Read More]

Passion First, Business Second

Passion first!

  Recent personal experience has made me think more carefully about the concept of “going into business”. So often we are sold the dream of working for ourselves. Either we see one of those dodgy “work from home” scams advertised in our local newspapers, read through tonnes of “make money online” websites and blogs, or … [Read More]

10 Fun Ways To Find Your Purpose

Find your purpose

  One of the biggest causes of stress in our lives can be the feeling of not knowing where we’re ultimately going. Once we look beyond basic survival issues, we start asking ourselves: what are we doing with our lives? What SHOULD we be doing instead? What is our individual purpose? In other words, what … [Read More]

The Importance of Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy

  Some days, when you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing with your life, think about asking yourself the following question: What would I like to be known for when my time runs out in life? What legacy do I want to leave behind?

13 Excuses That Will Destroy Your Dreams

Achieve your dreams

How often have you told yourself this: “I’d LOVE to pursue my dream … BUT … 1. I’m not an expert 2. I’m too young/too old 3. People tell me to get a “real job” 4. It’s tough in the “current climate” 5. People don’t support my dream 6. What if I fail? 7. I … [Read More]