Start Something: The Only Tip You’ll Ever Need

Image by David Ritter

How do you know when you’re ready to start something new? Maybe it’s a new project, a new job, or a new hobby. Well, the answer is simple.

10 Years Ago … Who Were You?

Back in time

Recently, on Twitter, I noticed a lot of people discussing what their lives were like “10 years ago”. I thought that was a very interesting subject for discussion. It offers us the opportunity to reflect and gain a greater appreciation of just how far we’ve come in a decade, often without even realising. So I … [Read More]

‘This Has to be Done First’ Syndrome

First thing of the day...

Despite what you might think from reading some of the articles on this website, I still struggle with procrastination on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be quite debilitating. Of course, I continually work on strategies to minimise the “damage”, but I’m no robot. There are regular periods where I DO procrastinate, and then I … [Read More]

Do You Expect Time and Effort to Bring Results?

Time and effort

When I used to teach at university, I became more aware of certain thought patterns and how irrational they were. A typical thought pattern many students had was the same one I used to have: “Why did I only get a Pass/Credit/Distinction?? I put in SOOOO much TIME AND EFFORT into it!!” Of course, many … [Read More]

Should You Go ‘All-in’?

Going all-in

Whenever starting something new and exciting, the tendency can be to try and over do it. To try and go “all-in”. To try and capitalise on your initial burst of enthusiasm. This applies to almost anything. Creative projects, healthy eating, fitness, hobbies, habits, and even relationships. How many times have you seen someone start their … [Read More]

The Antidote to a Life of Mediocrity


Something that has bothered me for many years is the fear of being (or becoming) “mediocre”. Sure, I don’t expect to be good at everything I try. But I want my life to be something remarkable, instead of something “mediocre”, like most of us are trained to be from a young age.

The Fear of Creating…

Fear of creating

I had a really interesting chat with a friend recently. While on the surface the conversation was basically my friend having a tongue-in-cheek go at a recent article I had written here (the crux being that I had accidentally misspelled a word – the horror!), there was something underlying her comments that reinforced why many … [Read More]

The Key to Sustaining Enthusiasm

Sustaining enthusiasm

A friend of mine recently tweeted a great quote: “Enthusiasm is easy. Sustaining it is not.” Such a simple observation, but filled with truth. How often do we build up our enthusiasm for something (be it writing, creating music, arting, or even just exercising or getting up extra early), only to let it wane several … [Read More]

Are You Doing It Every Day?

Doing it every day

Do you want to create something, but keep putting it off to wait for the perfect time to start? That has summed up my experience over the last 6 years. I went from creating stuff regularly (eg. a weekly radio show, and a comedy TV pilot), to suddenly no longer creating anything because “other things … [Read More]

The 3-second Rule

The 3-second rule

There is an interesting technique used by the pick-up artists of the world. It’s called the “3-second rule”. Now, this article isn’t about pick-up artists, nor is it a comment on what they do. Ultimately, who cares. But the fact remains that there are certain techniques and theories used by pick-up artists that can be … [Read More]