Bury Your Qualification and Do Something Else

Go do something else

Many of us are “qualified” to do something, either through schooling, or just through our work history. Eventually, like an actor, we run the risk of being typecast. After all, we’re qualified to do a particular job. So therefore we must continue doing that job, right? But what if you don’t actually like what you’re … [Read More]

Proof That You Don’t Need A University Degree

No need for a university degree

I’ve thought long and hard about this over the years (both as a former student and teacher at university). And now I’m certain I’ve come up with logical reasons why you have NO need whatsoever for a university degree. Are you ready to hear the truth? Well, first of all you need to HONESTLY ask … [Read More]

The Major Problem With University Degrees

University degrees

After spending a solid decade in the university system (both as a student and a teacher), I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of unease about its underlying problems. These underlying problems became more and more apparent to me as I discussed them with other like-minded students, staff, and other people who cared about … [Read More]

The Secret to Enjoying Education

Enjoying education

Having spent most of my life in educational institutions (either as a student or teacher), it quickly became apparent to me what the key to success is when you’re trying to learn something. And that key is …

Academics Should Be Banned From Teaching

Academics should be banned from teaching

Academics don’t necessarily make great  teachers. Often, they’re not even effective teachers. Why? Because many of them have a tendency to intellectualise the process of teaching. But teaching isn’t meant to be that artificial. You can’t just rely on memorising “theories” and “methods”, and then applying them like it’s an academic paper or something.

Education by Stealth

Education by stealth

  Having spent the vast majority of my life so far in some form of educational institution, either as a student, or as a teacher, I can say this with complete certainty: The education system, for the most part, doesn’t know how to make learning exciting. In fact, it often seems like the system works … [Read More]

Time To Get Rid of the Classroom…

Time to get rid of the classroom

  Throughout history, we seem to have structured our educational systems in a very particular way – by emphasising the importance of the “classroom”. But this method isn’t all that effective unless teaching “compliance” is the main goal (and that’s an argument for another time). It’s time to get rid of the classroom. Let’s take … [Read More]