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Image by Asif Akbar

A friend of mine recently tweeted a great quote:

“Enthusiasm is easy. Sustaining it is not.”

Such a simple observation, but filled with truth.

How often do we build up our enthusiasm for something (be it writing, creating music, arting, or even just exercising or getting up extra early), only to let it wane several days or weeks afterward?

A personal example

Right now I’m facing this very challenge as I attempt to become a “morning person”.

In the past, I failed every time I tried this. But now it feels different. I’ve found a reason to get up early – and that reason is to find more time for my writing.

The first early morning was great. I felt energised and I basically jumped out of bed ready to go (which doesn’t happen a lot for me!).

Then the second morning was a bit more difficult. The enthusiasm was still there, but its power was waning.

By the third morning I was half contemplating sleeping in. But I fought hard at that point to replace the initial enthusiasm with sheer persistence instead. I just have to keep reminding myself why I want to do this, and how important my writing is to me.

Enthusiasm comes easily

Enthusiasm can often come easily (especially at the beginning of something).

It may even last a while (probably longer than my example above!).

But, like many emotions, it eventually wanes.

At that point, your self-drive, discipline, and persistence will determine whether you can continue what you started.

Will you?