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How many times have we heard the phrase: “attention to detail”?

If you haven’t noticed, then you obviously don’t have the attention to detail that “attention to detail” requires…

Yes, my brain hurts too.

But seriously, this phrase seems to be applied to everything nowadays. But is it really that important?

Attention and detail

I’m not doubting the importance of “attention” or “detail” in themselves.

The former is important in being able to genuinely focus and concentrate on a task. The latter, however, is debatable.

Detail for the sake of detail is pointless.

If you’re working in an office job that requires you to fill out pointless spreadsheets that no one actually ends up using for anything important, then your attention to the details of those spreadsheets is, well, irrelevant.

Same goes for being a “grammar nazi” just for the sake of being one.

Of course, there might be other tasks where detail IS important.

If you’re helping someone with their legal case, trying to diagnose a patient’s illness, or building a bridge, then detail is CRUCIAL. After all, in those sorts of situations, overlooking an important detail could end up costing someone’s life. Or, at the very least, causing you a LOT of future problems.

A new way of looking at “attention to detail”

So let’s look at “attention to detail” from a different angle. Let’s focus on attention to the RIGHT details.

After all, attention to detail isn’t important when it’s the WRONG details.