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Image by Brian Lary

Something that has bothered me for many years is the fear of being (or becoming) “mediocre”.

Sure, I don’t expect to be good at everything I try. But I want my life to be something remarkable, instead of something “mediocre”, like most of us are trained to be from a young age.

What do I mean by “not being mediocre”?

I mean thinking “outside the box” (even though that term is no longer “outside the box”), thinking for yourself, questioning things, and – most importantly – creating things and making some sort of a difference in other people’s lives.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to let mediocrity slowly seep into any part of your life. Before you know it, years and decades have passed, and your dreams have faded away into a life of mediocrity.

But I believe there is one sure-fire antidote to this problem.

The antidote to mediocrity

This antidote can be described by one word … well, sort of two … (it has a hyphen) …


Think about it.

If you have genuine self-discipline, you will push through the various obstacles you encounter on your way to pursuing your dreams.

Other things like talent, luck, perseverance, etc are NOTHING without self-discipline.

Self-discipline makes it all happen.

How’s it going for you?