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Image by Abdulaziz Almansour

There’s a great quote I’ve read before, but I can’t quite remember where I read it:

“Stop working on projects that you don’t feel awesome about.”

Recently, I had a situation that perfectly suited the above.

An example

A few weeks ago, I was in the early stages of co-authoring an ebook with someone. But it was about things that I wasn’t actually that interested in, and perhaps I didn’t fully realise this at the time.

When I look back at that ebook project, it was clear to me that the main reason I wanted to co-author it was to help the other person create something. I was trying to help them get motivated. It was, essentially, for them – and not me.

But then I was going to be lumped with all the publishing and marketing tasks after the writing stage had been finished. If it’s not obvious…

That’s a lot of work if you’re not having much fun.

Not surprisingly, throughout the early stages of the ebook project, I was feeling a lot of anxiety and unhappiness. Eventually, these feelings became a pretty clear signal that I needed to pull the plug.

So, with some regret, I did.

Although there was some guilt about unintentionally letting someone else down (or seeming unreliable), it was obvious that I needed to take this step.

Once I did, a huge wave of relief hit me. Now I have no regrets over my choice.

But what about the “side-benefits”?

I’ve previously written about “side-benefits“.

Yes, it’s true. By staying with this particular ebook project, perhaps I would have experienced some side-benefits (such as those involved with publishing one’s first ebook).

But, on the other hand, at any point in time each one of us can decide to work on an infinite number of projects. But life isn’t infinite. Neither is our time.

So why don’t we work on projects that we genuinely feel AWESOME about instead? Then, not only will we enjoy what we’re doing, but we’ll also maximise our side-benefits.