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Image by Rasmus Andersen


Ok, bear with me. I’m not crazy, I promise…

I recently watched one of my favourite movies, “Batman Begins“, again.

It’s odd. The first time I watched it, I didn’t actually like it. I suspect that was because it differed so much from my expectations.

But after watching it a few more times over the years, my appreciation for it has grown.

However, this article isn’t a review of “Batman Begins“.

Whether you like the movie or not, there are three great messages underlying the entire story. These messages are good reminders about how we can live our lives too.

So grab your cape, and let’s have a look!

1) What you do defines you

Okay, so the movie kind of hits you around the head with this message a little too obviously. But still, it’s a valid point.

“What you do defines you.”

Bruce Wayne can continue being heir to a vast empire while he sleeps in, bums around with supermodels, and plays with his various expensive toys … or he can do something about the growing decadence of Gotham City, and do his bit to make the world around him a better place.

Naturally, his journey of self-exploration leads him to the latter, and the mythical figure of “Batman” is created.

“What you do defines you” doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re an accountant then that’s who you are – a boring, office drone who plays around with people’s numbers.

No, what it means is deeper than that.

It’s about the ACTION you take. It’s about how you live your life every day. Taking action instead of just talking. Anyone can talk.

2) There are always good people around that will support you

This is a great message that is easy to forget.

At times during “Batman Begins”, it feels like there are no good people left. Everyone seems to either be working for the mob, or they’re paid to turn a blind eye to the corruption around them.

But it’s not all bad.

Batman finds support in his childhood friend Rachel Dawes (an Assistant DA), his faithful servant Alfred, scientific genius Lucious Fox (a forgotten employee at Wayne Corp.), and local Police Lt. Jim Gordon (possibly the only honest cop left in town). That might not be a large number of people, but it’s a start.

Sometimes, we all feel like there are fewer and fewer “good” people in the world. Perhaps from time to time we feel like everyone is against us.

But no matter what, we need to remember that there are ALWAYS good people around that want to support you. They WANT to see you succeed. And they want to fight for your cause.

You just have to find them, and let them help.

3) Facing your fears

This is perhaps the biggest message in the movie. Without facing his true fears, Bruce Wayne isn’t able to become Batman (and make the movie producing company tonnes of cash money…).

Yes, his journey is a frightening and painful one. But, in truth, the alternative is far more frightening to contemplate.

It’s like real life. How often are we scared to face our fears? And how often does not facing our fears lead to far greater pain long term?

I would say, almost always.

So do your best to be like Batman (perhaps lose the cape though…).

Face your fears head-on, take action daily, and, if you’re a goodhearted and genuine individual, it will all pay off.