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The news (not the Huey Lewis one…) must be one of the biggest sources of negativity on the planet.

It’s simply frightening how much power the news has, and – more importantly – just how much UNDESERVED credibility it gets just because it’s called “news”.

Remember – there are just as many incompetent workers in the news field as there are in any other profession.

That means that laziness, sloppiness, etc are just as likely to occur in the field of journalism.

Add to that the pressures of 24/7 web news, and dwindling advertising revenues, and you have the making of rushed, sloppy, un-researched pieces of “journalism” that tend to serve one of two purposes:

  • either getting a rise out of the most uneducated (fooling them into thinking that they ARE getting educated about an issue), or
  • are focused around making us believe that it’s important to know what some no-talent celebrity is doing at any time of the day.

None of this would necessarily be an issue if the articles were POSITIVE, but they obviously AREN’T.

I’ll admit – every now and then I still get sucked into reading something like And it makes me feel ill every time.

I will give the news credit for one thing though…

They REALLY know how to write killer headlines, and how to manipulate people’s emotions.

So if you want to learn how to do that, then by all means check out the news. But remember – “with great power comes great responsibility…”.

So unless you’re studying how to write killer headlines, don’t waste your time.

As an example, let’s look at a list of the top 10 stories on not too long ago:

  • ‘Packer sacked me for being annoying’
  • Hot future paints an ugly face for mankind
  • Toddler killed after wandering streets
  • Nintendo gives schoolgirl a DS after letter
  • MasterChef in danger of one-horse race
  • UK man first to swim under Mt Everest
  • Lohan ordered to wear booze bracelet
  • Da Vinci robot hides key to mechanical lion
  • High-score tables forever with this device
  • Brittany Murphy’s husband found dead

There is almost NOTHING positive in any of these articles (even those that aren’t just media beat-ups).

Let’s see – the first article will no doubt get people talking about how annoying people SHOULD be fired.

The second article will tell us how our planet is doomed.

The third article will reinforce the fear that the streets aren’t safe for your kids (while at the same time encouraging people to blame the parents). It will also, probably, encourage people to complain about how the world is becoming a more dangerous place.

Oh, and where would we be if we didn’t have some nice product promotion in the fourth article.

Who do they think they’re kidding?

It’s pretty obvious what all these headlines try to do (ie. manipulate emotions), and yet people continue to buy into it.

What does anyone gain from reading such crap every day?? How has your world improved?

And why do a lot of people feel the need to go a step further, and even listen to HOURLY news “updates”?!


Honestly, what do you think will change in the next 60 minutes??!

Consuming this kind of crap daily makes you stupid.

It affects your emotions, and it negatively alters your perception of the world.

And if you don’t want to become just another 9-5 zombie, then it’s time to stop giving a shit about the news. Consuming it like a drug addict doesn’t actually make you educated or intelligent. It just makes you an addict.

The ultimate solution to any type of “information consumption” (including the news) is to only consume it if it brings you value (eg. it teaches you something, or it’s entertaining). Otherwise it’s a waste of your precious life.

Oh, by the way, this just in:

Circus acrobat ‘went on HIV sex spree’

We’ll have more right after this short commercial break …

Seriously, turn this shit off and go and make your world a better place instead. Please.