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Image by Svilen Milev

The biggest threat to mankind isn’t terrorism.

It isn’t global warming.

And it isn’t “Bieber Fever” …

There is something much simpler that continues to be a threat to all of us, no matter what century or country we live in.

And that threat is one single word:


We see it all the time, and it’s at the core of virtually every serious problem facing us as a society and species.

It’s at the core of the big stuff (like terrorism, climate change, and virtually every political issue you can think of), and it’s at the core of the small stuff too (eg. most crap in your local newspaper).

Some examples

For example, we might continue listening to the same music, from the same era, for most of our lives. That would certainly explain the popularity of “easy listening” stations.

We might always eat the same type of meal when we go to a restaurant. Or we might even be eating the same sorts of meals on a daily basis, since it’s easier than making a change.

We might stay in a job we don’t particularly enjoy simply because we are afraid of the change required to transfer to something else (or go out on our own).

We might stay in dead-end friendships and relationships simply because it’s easier than making a tough change.

We might neglect our health because the change involved in exercising regularly and eating healthy is just too great.

Or, if we’re in business, we might resist change and continue trying to force our old ways upon the world.

Just look at Rupert Murdoch and his battle against new media as an example. Look at the music and book publishing business too. The world has been changing around these industries, and yet they to refuse to adapt along with it.

Not all change is good

Of course, I’m not suggesting that ALL change is ALWAYS good.

But if someone suggests a change that has the potential to improve something and lead to new opportunities, we shouldn’t fear trying it.

But perhaps that’s the major emotion underlying resistance to change:


The fear that our world will collapse if we accept a change.

Ironically, it’s more probable that our world WILL collapse if we DON’T embrace change.

So, what change do YOU fear most?