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Image by Chris Gilbert

I’ve thought long and hard about this over the years (both as a former student and teacher at university). And now I’m certain I’ve come up with logical reasons why you have NO need whatsoever for a university degree.

Are you ready to hear the truth?

Well, first of all you need to HONESTLY ask yourself: why am I going to university?

“To get a job”

If the answer is the typical (and completely unimaginative) “to get a job” response, then there’s tonnes of evidence to prove that your “degree” won’t help you at all.

And if it DOES help you, it will most likely deliver you into a mind-numbing, entry-level bureaucratic job that was vacated by some old guy who never needed a degree in the first place.

So unless you want to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, school teacher, or nurse (basically any career where you need a qualification BY LAW), then all other degrees are, truly, OPTIONAL.

So there goes that answer.

“To learn about…”

But what if you answer – “because I want to learn about [insert some area of knowledge here]”?

Again, irrelevant.

If you’re not like the vast majority of students entering university (who are solely there because of the misguided “to get a job” belief above), you actually have a thirst for knowledge already.

And if you have this thirst for knowledge already, then you are, no doubt, a driven and motivated individual to begin with. So why the hell do you need to go to a primitive, outdated institution, incur a huge debt, and be told what to do, what to study, and when to do it? Are you that much of a sado-masochist?

Self-directed learning is the only way to go

Why not just use your existing motivation and drive to conduct your own self-directed learning instead? Chances are you’ll learn things quicker, and you’ll actually be years ahead of the dated material they usually teach at universities anyway.

The truth is that gone are the days where the only way you could attain high level knowledge was from exclusive, expensive text books, and exclusive lectures presented by “Professors”.

Gone are the days of a world where knowledge was the exclusive domain of a select few individuals.

Gone are the days of having to go to a library to look at an encyclopaedia, because your family didn’t have $5,000 to pay that nice door-to-door encyclopaedia salesman.

Universities, for the most part, are a relic of that sort of era.

What you need instead

The very medium you’re using to read this article now is ALL THAT YOU NEED.

The web.

It’s all here for the taking.

This is an UNPRECEDENTED moment in our history. Never before has knowledge and information been so open, cheap and accessible. And yet we’re still making people feel like they must go to university to learn something?? Surely I’m not the only one to see the absurdity here?!

Ignore the mainstream

Don’t let mainstream society’s erroneous views about university education convince you that university is where you need to go.

Remember, mainstream society is usually a decade or more behind the curve – in EVERYTHING. Are you going to follow a mindless herd, or are you going to step up and take things to another level? If it’s the latter, the world needs you now.

Oh, and if you’re a parent, do your kids a HUGE favour – stop force feeding them the illusion of the “university degree”. It’s bullshit, and deep down YOU KNOW IT.

Degrees, once upon a time, were valuable. But that time has now gone.