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Image by Maria Rius


I’m willing to bet that most of us, in one way or another, have dreamed of being “discovered” by someone.

We may hope that one day someone important will notice our talents and our potential, and will give us the “lucky break” we believe we deserve.

Until then, we do the minimum required.

We continue to do what we’re good at, either writing our stories, making films, composing music, taking photos, or painting art. But we do no more.

Unfortunately, it’s time for a reality check.

Just “doing our thing” isn’t enough.

No one will discover us that way. It’s time to stop waiting for this magic event to occur. It only ever occurs in fairy tales. Looking at the background of any genuinely successful person will only confirm that.

The fact is, the ONLY way people will discover us and notice our talents is if we MAKE them notice.

WE need to create these opportunities ourselves. We need to put ourselves out there, build our networks, help other people, and not be shy in promoting our own efforts too.

Only then will people start to take notice. Only then will opportunities unlock themselves.