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Recently I got in touch with someone who I hadn’t spoken to in several years.

I was interested to see what he was up to. It was good to hear he was still pursuing work and projects in the TV / video / multimedia industries. And it was good to hear he was still trying to get a personal passion project off the ground (an online video series).

But something he mentioned made me think…

In relation to the passion project he was working on, he had this to say:

“…a labor of love is very hard to maintain interest in, unless you’re somehow getting cash in return.”

It made me think about all the times I have probably subconsciously told myself the same things.


Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we shoot down passion projects, solely due to financial reasons?

Why do we expect to make money from our passion projects?

Why do we continue to focus on instant gratification, rather than patience and perseverance?

Why don’t we simply enjoy the process of creation, rather than the ultimate outcome?

The truth about passion projects

The truth is that any personal passion project takes time to develop. If you only ever want an IMMEDIATE return on it (before deciding whether it’s worthwhile), then you’re severely limiting your options.

You have to be patient.

This goes for everything. Jobs, projects, businesses, relationships.

Do things because you love doing them. Not because you’re hoping to take a shortcut to riches.