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Image by gilderm


How often do you hear someone say:

“My life would be perfect if only I had [more money / that dream job / a partner / my own house / a segway]…”

But this thinking is flawed.

It makes your current emotional state constantly dependent on some series of events that hasn’t happened yet (or might not happen at all).

It also makes it seem like everything will only be great once everything is perfect to begin with. Error – cannot compute!!

We both know that life isn’t like that.

Life is unscripted.

Shit WILL happen, and sometimes it splatters EVERYWHERE (apologies for the graphic imagery!).

If you let this determine whether or not you are positive about life, then you’re in for a tough time (and a big clean up … okay, I’ll stop with the analogy now).

The truth is that anyone can be positive when everything is going well.

But how often does that happen??

Things go wrong all the time.

It’s how you deal with THOSE situations that determines how you will cope with life.

So stop waiting for the perfect time to do something, and just go out and do it NOW! :)