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Every day, every hour, and every minute we are making the choice whether or not we want to be happy.

And yet the ways we have been conditioned over time means that we place the genesis of happiness on some sort of external event (eg. finally getting that “dream job”) or external object (eg. that shiny new iPhone!).

Where is the wisdom in this?

When does it end?

Do we keep chasing our tails in the hope that FINALLY, when we’re facing death in the face, we’ll look back and be happy with what we’ve accomplished?

Do you really think we’ll be happy then?

Choosing to be happy is the key to our entire existence.

Of the billions of people on the planet, how many do you think have been able to achieve a state of happiness? How many are trying to do that through external means?

Why aren’t more trying to do that through INTERNAL means (our minds) instead?

What separates us from every other animal on the planet is the fact that we have incredible thinking abilities (although sometimes that can be rightly questioned…). Why not use these abilities to…

Choose our reality

We have the capacity to define our reality simply through choosing to change our perspective.

How else do you think someone like Nelson Mandela managed to get through 27 years of imprisonment before returning to lead his country and change people’s lives for the better?

That’s a pretty powerful ability when you really think about it. Yet, how many of us choose to actually use this ability to change our own realities?

So why not choose to be happy NOW?

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.

Just NOW, while you’re reading this.


We’ll live longer, have more friends, and enjoy every activity all that much more.

Or, we can continue thinking of ourselves as victims of life and waiting for something to make us happy.

But remember – even lottery winners aren’t happy. After all, why do you think they’re playing to begin with…?