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How To Overcome Obstacles in Creativity

This past week, with the filming of my first comedy project in 6 years, I’ve been reminded just how exhilarating it is to create stuff. It makes you come alive. It inspires others. And it builds communities. Yet as we grow older, many of us seem to forget this...

10 Years Ago … Who Were You?

Recently, on Twitter, I noticed a lot of people discussing what their lives were like “10 years ago”. I thought that was a very interesting subject for discussion. It offers us the opportunity to reflect and gain a greater appreciation of just how far...

‘This Has to be Done First’ Syndrome

Despite what you might think from reading some of the articles on this website, I still struggle with procrastination on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be quite debilitating. Of course, I continually work on strategies to minimise the “damage”, but...

Are You Writing for the Right Reasons?

This probably seems like the most obvious bit of advice about writing, and I certainly thought so before I started my own writing “adventures” on this website. What advice am I talking about? Write about what interests you. Wow … ground-breaking...

Should You Go ‘All-in’?

Whenever starting something new and exciting, the tendency can be to try and over do it. To try and go “all-in”. To try and capitalise on your initial burst of enthusiasm. This applies to almost anything. Creative projects, healthy eating, fitness,...


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